About GOAS

  • GUNS OUT AT SUNDOWN has consistently pushed the envelope to redefine both themselves and the various sub-genres they’ve made their mark within. 2011’s “The Comfort In Chaos” full-length yielded no exception as the band ventured into the territory of Post-Hardcore with no reservations. Their fresh approach to an otherwise stale scene gathered critical acclaim. Subsequent touring facilitated the delivery of their music to the masses and established a live precedent that the band continues to build on today.

    After the well-received release of 2012’s “Fear Not The Fallen,” we’re left with one certainty; members Nate O’Haver (vocals), Michael Dennis (guitar), Joseph Symons (guitar), Andrew Hill (bass), and Christopher Tepper (drums) are headed somewhere fast.

    Fast forward to 2014 and GUNS OUT AT SUNDOWN’s 2014 EP “Battlefields”. This album continues to broaden the band’s reach and welcomes a new world of possibilities within the scope of their burgeoning career. Fans should expect a massive touring cycle that is sure to reach your doorstep. GOAS’s high-octane live show acts as a testament to their ever-increasing identity and always leaves the audience wanting more. . Critics beware; GUNS OUT AT SUNDOWN are not only here to stay, they’re paving the way.